Editors’ Picks

2018 July



2018 Apr

1. VEGF-A165 b protects against proteinuria in a mouse model with progressive depletion of all endogenous VEGF-A splice isoforms from the kidney. J Physiol. 2017 Oct 1;595(19):6281-6298.

3. Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Secondary to Brachial Plexus Piercing Variation. Diagnostics. 2017 Jul 4;7(3). pii: E40.

5. Topical application of nitrosonifedipine, a novel radical scavenger, ameliorates ischemic skin flap necrosis in a mouse model. Wound Repair Regen. 2017 Apr;25(2):217-223.

7. Elucidation of GlcNAc-binding properties of type III intermediate filament proteins, using GlcNAc-bearing polymers. Genes Cells.2017 Oct;22(10):900-917.

9. Tubuloglomerular feedback responses in offspring of dexamethasone-treated ewes. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 2017 Oct 1;313(4):F864-F873.

11. How does oestradiol influence the AVT/IT system in female round gobies during different reproductive phases? Biol Open. 2017 Oct 15;6(10):1493-1501.

13. Acid sphingomyelinase deficiency enhances myelin repair after acute and chronic demyelination. PLoS One. 2017 Jun 5;12(6):e0178622.

14. How do SMA-linked mutations of SMN1 lead to structural/functional deficiency of the SMA protein? PLoS One. 2017 Jun 1;12(6):e0178519.

16. Telephone Care Management of Fall Risk:: A Feasibility Study. Am J Prev Med. 2017 Mar;52(3S3):S290-S294.

18. Enhancing consolidation of a rotational visuomotor adaptation task through acute exercise. PLoS One. 2017 Apr 13;12(4):e0175296.

20. IutB participates in the ferric-vulnibactin utilization system in Vibrio vulnificus M2799. Biometals. 2017 Apr;30(2):203-216.

22. An assessment of postcranial indices, ratios, and body mass versus eco-geographical variables of prehistoric Jomon, Yayoi agriculturalists, and Kumejima Islanders of Japan. Am J Hum Biol. 2017 Sep 10;29(5).

24. Single-molecule conductance of DNA gated and ungated by DNA-binding molecules. Chem Commun. 2017 Sep 19;53(75):10378-10381.

26. Biodegradability and platelets adhesion assessment of magnesium-based alloys using a microfluidic system. PLoS One. 2017 Aug 10;12(8):e0182914.

27. Low RNA Polymerase III activity results in up regulation of HXT2 glucose transporter independently of glucose signaling and despite changing environment. PLoS One. 2017 Sep 29;12(9):e0185516.

2. Lung Gene Expression Analysis (LGEA): an integrative web portal for comprehensive gene expression data analysis in lung development. Thorax. 2017 May;72(5):481-484.

4. Analysis of intentional drug poisonings using Ohio Poison Control Center Data, 2002-2014. Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2017 Aug;55(7):652-658.

6. In silico genomic insights into aspects of food safety and defense mechanisms of a potentially probiotic Lactobacillus pentosus MP-10 isolated from brines of naturally fermented Aloreña green table olives. PLoS One.2017 Jun;12(6): e0176801.

8. Involvement of the Arg566 residue of Aeromonas sobria serine protease in substrate specificity. PLoS One. 2017 Oct 12;12(10):e0186392.

10. Effects of individualized electrical impedance tomography and image reconstruction settings upon the assessment of regional ventilation distribution: Comparison to 4-dimensional computed tomography in a porcine model. PLoS One. 2017 Aug 1;12(8):e0182215.

12. Prevalence of Painful Temporomandibular Disorders and Correlation to Lifestyle Factors among Adolescents in Norway. Pain Res Manag. 2017;2017:2164825.

15. A pea (Pisum sativum L.) seed albumin extract prevents colonic DSS induced dysbiosis in mice. J Funct Food.2017 Aug;35:279-294.

17. Catching-up: Children with developmental coordination disorder compared to healthy children before and after sensorimotor therapy. PLoS One. 2017 Oct 11;12(10):e0186126.

19. A large-scale stochastic spatiotemporal model for Aedes albopictus-borne chikungunya epidemiology. PLoS One. 2017 Mar 31;12(3):e0174293.

21. Phospho-Priming Confers Functionally Relevant Specificities for Rad53 Kinase Autophosphorylation. Biochemistry. 2017 Sep 26;56(38):5112-5124.

23. Development and validation of algorithms for the detection of statin myopathysignals from electronic medical records. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2017 May;101(5):667-674.

25. Megakaryocyte expansion and macrophage infiltration in bone marrow of rats subchronically treated with MNX, N-nitroso environmental degradation product of munitions compound RDX (hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine). J Appl Toxicol. 2017 Aug;37(8):913-921.



2017 Nov

1. An integrated, structure- and energy-based view of the genetic code. Nucleic Acids Res. 2016 Sep 30;44(17):8020-40.

3. Investigation and management of IgM and Waldenström-associated peripheral neuropathies: recommendations from the IWWM-8 consensus panel. Br J Haematol. 2017 Mar;176(5):728-742.

5. Simulated Annealing-Extended Sampling for Multicomponent Decomposition of Spectral Data of DNA Complexed with Peptide. J Phys Soc Jpn.2017 Jan;86,014802.

7. A simple scoring system to assess the need for an endoscopic intervention in suspected upper gastrointestinal bleeding: A prospective cohort study. Dig Liver Dis. 2016 Oct;48(10):1180-6.

9. Wiring Bacterial Electron Flow for Sensitive Whole-Cell Amperometric Detection of Riboflavin. Analytical Chemistry, 2016, 88: 11222-8.

11. Making authentic science accessible – the benefits and challenges of integrating bioinformatics into a high-school science curriculum. Brief Bioinform. 2017 Jan;18(1):145-159.

13. Smell and Taste to Improve Nutrition in Very Preterm Infants: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial. Neonatology. 2017;111(3):260-266.

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17. Investigating Conservation of the Cell-Cycle-Regulated Transcriptional Program in the Fungal Pathogen, Cryptococcus neoformans. PLoS Genet. 2016 Dec 5;12(12):e1006453.

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21. The progressive ankylosis protein ANK facilitates clathrin– and adaptor-mediated membrane traffic at the trans-Golgi network-to-endosome interface. Hum Mol Genet. 2016 Sep 1;25(17):3836-3848.

23. Natural antioxidant ice cream acutely reduces oxidative stress and improves vascular function and physical performance in healthy individuals. Nutrition. 2017 Jan;33:225-233.

25. A Chilean Berry Concentrate Protects against Postprandial Oxidative Stress and Increases Plasma Antioxidant Activity in Healthy Humans. Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2017;2017:8361493.


2. Elevated vitamin E content improves all-trans β-carotene accumulation and stability in biofortified sorghum. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2016 Sep 27;113(39):11040-5.

4. Whether the amino-imino tautomerism of 2-aminopurine is involved into its mutagenicity? Results of a thorough QM investigation. RSC Adv.2016 6(110):108255-108264

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