About us

If a research result pokes holes in long-held beliefs, it is trumpeted by news organizations from ABC, BBC to NBC and beyond. But where can you find information about less-flashy, but no less noteworthy, breakthroughs? Try us.

An ever-increasing number of biomedical papers is published each year. If you don’t want your research breakthrough to languish in your specialty journal, we are one of your solutions to gain a wider audience.

Biomedical Advances (ISSN 2573-0355) – founded in 2016 in New York, USA – is a website that focuses on cutting-edge biomedical research from around the globe.  Biomedical Advances is dedicated to being on the lookout for biomedical breakthroughs that embody exploration, innovation and significant promise for pharmaceutical development and clinical application.


Our Mission

Focusing on frontiers in biomedical research, we serve as a platform for exchange of the latest research progress and groundbreaking discoveries in biomedical science, including strategic and emerging research areas such as cancer, diabetes, aging, infection, immunology, public health, stem cells and genomics. Our mission will be:

  1. To enlighten our audience concerning the latest innovative ideas in biomedical research;
  2. To draw public attention to promising findings in preclinical basic research, expediting their entry into the pipeline that may lead to development of new therapies.

Our goal is to accelerate the way that biomedical research increases our understanding of human health and improves the treatment of a variety of human diseases. Our highly experienced team will select and feature basic discoveries that have potential for significant impact, and thus help to bridge the “valley of death” that all too often lies between preclinical research and clinical application.


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